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This page is dedicated to world anthropologies and it carries information concerning important activities to promote worldwide communication and cooperation in anthropology.

The Issue 5 of the journal Déjà Lu, an initiative of the WCAA, has been published with 42 articles from around the anthropological world.

The WCAA has published the sixth issue of its newsletter (Feb 2017).

The WCAA has published the fifth issue of its newsletter (Oct 2016).

The WCAA has published the fourth issue of its newsletter (Sept 2016).

The WCAA has published the third issue of its quarterly newsletter (May 2016).

The WCAA has published the 4th issue of global e-journal Déjà Lu. It is a collection of 35 articles from around the world and free access is available to everybody.

The WCAA has issued the second issue of its quarterly newsletter.

The Polish Ethnological Society issued at its 120th anniversary a position statement on the expressions of xenophobia and intolerance in Poland.

The WCAA has started a quarterly newsletter. The first issue is available on the WCAA's home page.

The WCAA has published a new issue of their global e-journal Déjà Lu. You can read 24 selected articles (and see a film) published on major anthropological journals in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom and the United States.

"Bibliography on World Anthropologies" has been compiled and published by the AAA Committee on World Anthropologies (CWA). This is a comprehensive bibliography of 78 page long on the works for world anthropologies.

The AAA Committee on World Anthropologies (CWA) is launching an initiative to bring together course syllabi on topics relevant to the development of world anthropologies. Its objective is "to learn how our colleagues across the globe are providing students with learning experiences that get at 'other knowledges' produced by anthropologists rather than drawing only on perspectives from their own national positioning -- or from the Euro-American tradition". Collected syllabi will be made available to everybody so that we may initiate a worldwide exchange of ideas for teaching. IUAES members are encouraged to share their syllabi or distribute information on this initiative to their colleagues. See the letter from Florence E. Babb to the IUAES for details. ==> CWA letter to IUAES

Déjà Lu ("Already read") is an initiative of the WCAA (World Council of Anthropological Associations) that aims at pluralizing the dissemination of anthropological knowledge on a global level. It is a collection of representative articles published by the member associations of the WCAA.