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* IUAES membership announcement

We invite you to become a member of the IUAES or to renew your membership. The IUAES welcomes as members any and all anthropologists/ethnologists, wherever in the world they are based and with whichever branch of the discipline they might be interested. Students of anthropology/ethnology are also very welcome to become members. The main goal of the IUAES is to facilitate wide-ranging global exchanges between anthropologists/ethnologists in interests of the discipline's development.

IUAES Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. The annual subscription is based on a member's self-declared annual income as of 1 January each year.

Individual Membership fee rates (in GBP)


From 2018, membership subs are included in the Congress or Inter-Congress registration fees. Therefore if you are joining in order to attend the conference, you do NOT need to sign up for membership here, although the option of doing that is still open to anyone who prefers to separate their membership fee payment from their Congress or Inter-Congress registration fee payment. If you wish to pay your renewal or new IUAES membership fee separately from payment of a Congress or Inter-Congress registration fee, or if you are not attending a Congress or Inter-Congress this year, please complete the form via the button below.

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Corporate membership fee rates

Corporate member subscriptions are annual and are normally invoiced and payable by bank transfer.

For corporate and other membership please write to the Secretariat at s-g[at]iuaes.org.

Statement on Finances

The success of the IUAES ultimately depends on the funding and initiatives of its members, and it is therefore important that anthropologists and academic institutions lend their support to its activities. Detailed financial reports are available here.