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Commission on Nomadic People
The Commission for Nomadic People has brought its website up-to-date and incorporated that within the IUAES site itself. This is a service the IUAES can offer other commissions. Please visit the site to see how this works. If your commission is interested in a similar migration please contact web(at)iuaes.org.

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IUAES welcomes submission of proposals to establish a new Scientific Commission.
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Council of Commissions

Head, Council of Commissions:

Heather O'Leary
University of South Florida, USA

Deputy Head, Council of Commissions:

Zhang Jijiao
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China

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»» Submission form, proposal for a new Commission

»» IUAES welcomes submission of proposals to establish a new Scientific Commission.
When you consider to submit a proposal, please read the WAU Operational Guidelines and Rules carefully.

Register of IUAES Commissions (PDF)

List of the Commissions

Commission on:Leadership
Aging and the Aged (Aging and the Life Course)Co-Chairs & Regional Co-ordinators:
Leng Leng Thang (Asia) [lengthang[at]nus.edu.sg]
Jonathan Skinner (Europe) [jonathan.skinner[at]roehampton.ac.uk]

Deputy Co-chair & Regional Co-ordinators:
Philip Kao (N America) [philip.y.kao[at]gmail.com]
Bianca Brijnath (Australia & NZ) [bianca.brijnath[at]monash.edu]

Philip Stafford [staffor[at]indiana.edu]

Assistant Secretaries:
Jay Sokolovsky [jsoko[at]earthlink.net]
Maria Cattell [mgcattell[at]aol.com]
Anthropology and EducationChair:
David Shankland [admin[at]therai.org.uk]

Emma Ford [admin[at]therai.org.uk]
Anthropology and the EnvironmentChair:
Heather O'Leary [olear079[at]umn.edu]

Deputy Chair:
Gregory Acciaioli [Gregory.Acciaioli[at]uwa.edu.au]
Anthropology, Public Policy and Development PracticeChair:
Soumendra Patnaik [smp_du[at]yahoo.com]

Deputy chair:
Tanya Jakimow [t.jakimow[at]unsw.edu.au]

Indrani Mukherjee [Isen.78.im[at]gmail.com]

Mugsy Spiegel

Executive Members:
David Shankland
Akio Tanabe
Anthropology of HIV & AidsChair:
Anita Nudelman [anitanudelman[at]gmail.com]
Anthropology of Children, Youth and ChildhoodChair:
Deepak Kumar Behera [behera.dk[at]gmail.com]

Deputy chair:
Dwiti Vikramaditya [dwiti.vikramaditya[at]kiss.ac.in]
Anthropology of Food and NutritionChair:
Helen Macbeth [hmacbeth[at]brookes.ac.uk]

Deputy Chair:
Xavier Medina [[email protected]]

Frederic Duhart [frederic.duhart[at]orange.fr]

Paul Collinson
Anthropology of MathematicsDissolved
Anthropology of the Middle EastChair:
Soheila Shahshahni [soheilairan[at]gmail.com]

Marzieh Kaivanara [m.kaivanara[at]gmail.com]
Anthropology of Music, Sound and Bodily Performative PracticesChair:
Rajko Mursic [Rajko.Mursic[at]ff.uni-lj.si]
Anthropology of Risk and DisasterChair:
Susanna M. Hoffman [susanna[at]smhoffman.com]

Deputy Chair:
Virginia Araceli García Acosta [vgarciaa[at]ciesas.edu.mx]
Anthropology of SportsChair:
Luiz Fernando Rojo [Luizrojo[at]predialnet.com.br]

Deputy Chair:
Jérôme Soldani [Soldanijeromesoldani[at]hotmail.fr]
Anthropology of TourismCo-Chairs:
Antonio Miguel Nogues [Pedregaamnogues[at]umh.es]
Jonathan Skinner [Jonathan.Skinner[at]roehampton.ac.uk]

Deputy Chairs:
Yujie Zhu [yjzhu2013[at]gmail.com]
Natalia Bloch [nbloch[at]amu.edu.pl]
Felipe Comunello [felipe.comunello[at]ufrgs.br]

Anthropology of WomenChair:
Wu Ga [wugamoyass[at]gmail.com]

Maria Kaczmarek (EUROPE) [makac[at]amu.edu.pl]

Cheryl Rodriguez (USA) [crodriguez[at]ibl.usf.edu]
Anthropology, Peace and Human RightsChair:
Madut Jok [jokj[at]upstate.edu]
Mary Hallin [mhallin[at]unomaha.edu]

Deputy Chair:
Paul Nchoji Nkwi [nkwi70[at]yahoo.com]
Enterprise AnthropologyChair:
Zhang Jijiao [zhjijiao[at]126.com]

Deputy Chair:
Tomoko Hamada Connolly [thamad[at]wm.edu]
Keiko Yamaki [yamaki[at]shujitsu.ac.jp]
Ethnic RelationsChair:
E. Liza Cerroni-Long [liza.cerroni-long[at]emich.edu]

Vesna Godina [v.v.godina[at]gmail.com]
Global Transformations and Marxian AnthropologyChair:
Winnie Lem [wlem[at]trentu.ca]

Deputy chair:
George Baca [baca.george[at]gmail.com]
Human RightsChair:
Annapurna Pandey [adpandey101[at]gmail.com]

Deputy Chair:
Laura Raquel Valladares de la Cruz [lauravalladares.delacruz[at]gmail.com]

Deputy Chair:
Subir Biswas [gargisubir[at]gmail.com]
Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable DevelopmentJoint Chairs:
Dorothy Billings [dorothy.billings[at]wichita.edu]
Viacheslav Rudnev [roudnev[at]mail.ru]

James Phillips
Intangible Cultural HeritageChair:
Cristina Amescua Chávez [cristina.amescua[at]correo.crim.unam.mx]

Deputy Chair:
Clara Saraiva [clarasaraiva[at]fcsh.unl.pt]
Legal PluralismChair:
Janine Ubink [jubink[at]law.uci.edu]

Executive Secretary:
Carolien Jacobs [c.i.m.jacobs[at]law.leidenuniv.nl]
Linguistic AnthropologyChair:
Anita Sujoldzic [anita.sujoldzic[at]inantro.hr]

Alexandre Duchene [alexandre.duchene[at]unifr.ch]
Marginalization and Global ApartheidChair:
Subhadra Channa [channa.subhadra[at]gmail.com]

Deputy Chair:
Faye V. Harrison [fvharrsn[at]illinois.edu]
Medical Anthropology and EpidemiologyChair:
Pavao Rudan [rudan[at]hazu.hr]

Deputy Chair:
Saša Missoni [ured[at]inantro.hr] [sasa.missoni[at]inantro.hr]

Morana Jarec [morana.jarec[at]inantro.hr]
Anand Singh [singhan[at]ukzn.ac.za]

Deputy Chair:
Juan Bustamante [jjbustam[at]uark.edu]
Museums and Cultural HeritageCo-Chairs:
M.K. Gautam [gautammohan[at]hotmail.com]
Renato Athias [renato.athias[at]ufpe.br]
Nomadic PeoplesChair:
Ariell Ahern [ahearn.ariell[at]gmail.com]

Deputy Chair:
Troy Sternberg [troy.sternberg[at]geog.ox.ac.uk]
Theoretical AnthropologyChair:
Vladimir Popov [popoffwladimir[at]gmail.com]

Deputy Chair:
Dwight Read [dread[at]anthro.ucla.edu]
Urban AnthropologyChair:
Giuliana Prato [g.b.prato[at]kent.ac.uk]

Deputy Chair:
Manos Spyridakis [maspyridakis[at]gmail.com]

Executive Secretary:
Marcello Mollica [marcello.mollica[at]unifr.ch]
Urgent Anthropological Research 
Visual AnthropologyChair:
Bao Jiang [baojiang[at]cass.org.cn]