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Minutes and Reports

Tokyo, Japan 2002

  1. Minutes of the Meeting of the IUAES Executive Committee, 23 and 26 September 2002, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
    by Peter J.M. Nas

1. Minutes of the Meeting of the IUAES Executive Committee, 23 and 26 September 2002, Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

by Peter J.M. Nas

Participants: Prof. Eric Sunderland (President), Dr. Peter J.M. Nas (Secretary General), Prof. Tomoko Hamada (Treasurer), Prof. Deepak Kumar Behera, Prof. Keiichi Omoto, Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli, Prof. Luis Vargas, Dr. Anita Sujoldzic, Prof. Paul Nkwi.

Apologies: Prof. Mike Aronoff.

  1. The President, Prof. Sunderland, welcomed all members of the Executive Committee present as well as the Japanese observers and Prof. Eisaku Kanazawa (the secretary general of the committee organizing the Tokyo Inter-Congress 2002).
  2. Both China and Australia are preparing a bid for the 2008 IUAES Congress. Mr. Tie Muer, President of the China Urban Anthropology Association, presented the Beijng situation. The proposal is in preparation and the government at all levels have ratified it. Dr. Helen Johnson from the University of Queensland also reported on the bid from Brisbane, Australia. As these presentations are not conclusive, no discussion took place. Both parties continue their preparations and will also decide whether or not they will host the Inter-Congress in case the Permanent Council in Florence 2003 chooses the other candidate.
  3. Prof. Omoto and Prof. Kanazawa reported on the ongoing Tokyo Inter-Congress, which is proceeding very well as planned. Prof. Kanazawa presented the list of IUAES travel subsidies. The President thanked the Japanese organizers for their work. The Inter-Congress is very well prepared and organized. All the members of the Executive Committee express warm appreciation.
  4. The minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting in Göttingen of 19 July 2001 published in the Newsletter 57 were discussed and ratified as correct.
  5. Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli reported on the coming 2003 Congress in Florence. Preparations are well under way. The second circular letter comprising more than 80 sessions and information on registration and accommodation were discussed. The reports of the sessions will be published. There will be 23 sessions of the IUAS Commissions as well as poster-sessions and pre-sessions. Chiarelli will also plan two Executive Committee meetings followed by a Permanent Council meeting as well. The General Assembly will meet in between these.
  6. Dr. Skalnik has proposed an Inter-Congress in 2005 in Pardubice as published in the Newsletter. The Executive Committee fully supports the proposal, which will be officially ratified by the Permanent Council in Florence 2003. The Secretary General will inform Dr. Skalnik of the approval. Prof. Nkwi reported that South Africa (Mike de Jong) is planning an Inter-Congress for 2004. He will pursue this proposal.
  7. The IUAS has 23 commisions. Four new commissions have been proposed:
    1. Anthropology of reforestation (Chiarelli);
    2. Human rights of indigenous people (Omoto);
    3. Human rights (Chauduri);
    4. Primatology (Tasuku Kimura and Morihika Okada)

      Numbers (2) and (3) are requested to contact each other for cooperation. Full proposals are requested for publication in the Newsletter. They will be discussed in the Florence Executive Commission Meeting.
  8. In Göttingen several Commissions were evaluated. In Tokyo the Commission on Ethnicity was evaluated. All Commissions evaluated proved to be active so that they were informed that they could continue their activities.
  9. The Executive Committee accepted the LIT-Verlag proposal to establish a series of book publications under the auspices of the IUAES. The Executive Committee will serve as the editorial board with Chiarelli and Nas as chief editors. The cooperation of the IUAES with LIT will have no financial implications for IUAES.
  10. The work of the Nomination Committee in preparing proposals for Florence 2003 was discussed. Prof. Nkwi will take over the position of chair from Prof. Vargas. Prof. Tomoko Hamada will join the Committee then consisting of Nkwi, Aronoff and Tomoko Hamada
  11. Prof. Tomoko Hamada reported on IUAES finances. She presented income and expenditure and concluded that the Union's situation is positive but minimal. She proposed to increase membership by personal contact with potential members during congresses and at other occasions.
  12. A committee was installed to investigate the possibility of the IUAES becoming linked with Current Anthropology or another Journal of Anthropology for publishing the newsletter and other possible cooperation in this field. The Committee consists of Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli, Prof. Paul Nkwi, Prof. Deepak Kumar Behera and Dr. Anita Sujoldzic.
  13. - The limited membership of the IUAES was discussed. Prof. Tomoko Hamada in cooperation with Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli will arrange a desk during the Florence Congress for participants to become members.

    - Individual membership from now on, will either be for 2 or 5 years (which eases payment procedures).

    - The membership of organization associations remains at one year. They will be acknowledged in the IUAES Handbook as having special status.

    - Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli will schedule during the Florence Congress a meeting for officials of various anthropological associations, which will be encouraged to become members of the IUAES.

    - The membership of the Japan Science Association is still pending. Prof. Keiichi Omoto will keep the IUAES informed.
  14. Prof. Deepak Kumar Behera reported that the e-mail directory is well under way. Seven Commissions have reacted. Another call, including a deadline, for the rest of the Commissions will be sent out by the Secretary General.
  15. The Executive Committee fully supported Prof. Lourdes Arizpe's candidacy for the Presidency of the ISSC.
  16. The Chairman thanked Prof. Omoto and the other Japanese hosts for their excellent organization of the 2002 Inter-Congress that is very successfully approaching an end. Tomorrow will be the closing session. He also thanked the members of the Executive Committee for their contribution and closed the meeting.