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Minutes and Reports

Pardubice, Czech Republic 2005

  1. Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee, Pardubice, Wednesday, August 31, 2005
  2. Minutes of the Permanent Council Meeting, Pardubice, September 1, 2005
  3. Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting, Pardubice, September 3, 2005

1. Minutes of the meeting of the IUAES Executive Committee Wednesday, August 31, 2005, Hotel Zlata Stika

Present: Prof. L. Vargas (President), Prof. P.J.M. Nas (Secretary-General), Prof. Tomoko Hamada (treasurer), Dr. P. Skalnik, Prof. F. Harrison, Prof. A. Spiegel, Dr. Soheila Shahshahani, Prof. K. Omoto.

  1. The chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all present.
  2. The delegation from China presented the state of affairs of the organization of the 2008 Kunming Congress. Topics discussed were extra congress places in China, registration fees and the emblem chosen by the Chinese organization. The presentation was distributed on paper and discussions were considered fruitful.
  3. Prof. A. Spiegel presented the organization of the Inter-Congress 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa. Topics discussed were the date, security, transport, fees, and the theme of the conference which will be: 'Transcending Postcolonial Societies'.
  4. The Committee discussed the proposal of the Mattei Dogan Foundation to install a prize for excellence in Social Anthropology. The Secretary-General will collect information on the background of the Foundation and the source of the funds. If everything is in order the Secretary-General will, together with Dr. Soheila Shahshahani look for two more persons outside the Executive Committee to participate in a committee of three persons who will organize the prize.
  5. Three proposals for new commissions were presented. The proposal for a Commission on the Anthropology of Small Islands was accepted for Proposed Status. Its organization will be taken up until 2008 when it will be presented to the Permanent Council.
  6. The Committee did not approve the proposal to have an IUAES journal.
  7. New proposals for Inter-Congresses and the 2013 Congress were solicited. Romania, Costa Rica and Australia were mentioned.
  8. The financial situation of the IUAES was presented by the treasurer Prof. Tomoko Hamada. The situation is very pressing although the IUAES is not completely in the red. The following proposals to solve the situation are accepted:
    1. The personal rate of fee will be US$ 15 for persons from developing countries and US$ 25 for persons from developed countries.
    2. Associations will pay US$1 per person.
    3. Commissions will have to pay US$ 100 per year; these funds can be raised from their membership.
    4. Participants to the Congresses have to be individual member. The IUAES fee will be raised by the Congress organization for the non-members and paid to the IUAES Treasurer.
    5. The ISSC, ICSU and CISPH will be asked for a temporary waiver of 2 years because of financial problems to pay the contribution.

      These proposals will be presented in the next Permanent Council meeting.
  9. The meeting was closed because of the late hour. The remaining points will be discussed in the Executive's Committee's meeting at the last day of the Pardubice Inter-Congress.

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2. Minutes of the IUAES Permanent Council Meeting, September 1, 2005, Hotel Zlata Stika

Present: 30 delegates from 20 countries

  1. The President, Prof. Luis Vargas, opened the meeting and welcomed the participants. Registration of the participants and countries took place.
  2. Dr. Petr Skalnik reported on the current Inter-Congress in Pardubice. He expected no financial deficit and if there is a surplus it will be used for publication of the papers. There is a variety of interesting papers and discussions are vivid; they are recorded so that they can be used for the publication. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. Petr Skalnik and his staff were applauded for their superb work.
  3. The South African delegation presented the plans for the Cape Town Inter-Congress 2006, 3-7 December. Theme, security and transport were fully discussed. The South Africans will finalize the proposal shortly and then information will be made public.
  4. The Chinese delegation reported on the Kunming Congress, July 25-August 3, 2008 under the title 'Humanity, Development and Diversity'. Expectation was 3000-5000 participants. It was stressed that we shall have to book planes in time and apply for visas in time because of the Olympic Games in Beijing.
  5. The Mattei Dogan Prize for excellence in Anthropology will be examined for its background by the Secretary-General and then he will take the decision to cooperate with the Foundation or not.
  6. Four new Commissions were proposed. Three have strong overlap with existing commission and were requested to make contact with these. The commission on the Anthropology of Small Islands was accorded the proposed status. After setting up the organization it may be accorded full status in 2008.
  7. In 2008 the Commissions will be evaluated on the basis of an interview with the chairperson and a report.
  8. Proposals for the next congresses after 2008 were solicited.
    1. Tomoko Hamada explained the difficult financial situation of IUAES. Four proposals were accepted by the Permanent Council:
    2. The IUAES personal fee will be US$ 15 for developing and US$ 25 for developed countries (beginning 1 January 2006).
    3. The fee for associations and institutions will be raised from 0.50 cents to US$1 per member (beginning 1 January 2006).
    4. All participants in the Congresses will have to become individual member. The organizers of the next Congresses will ask the fee from the non-members and disburse them to the IUAES.
    5. The Commissions will pay US$ 100 per year to IUAES (beginning 1 January 2006).
  9. A Committee under chairmanship of Dr. Petr Skalnik was formed to review the IUAES statement on race before the 2008 Kunming Congress.
  10. The Secretary-General will publish his statement on spying as published in 'Anthropology Today' on the IUAES website. Members were asked to send reactions to Peter Nas.

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3. Minutes of the IUAES Executive Committee meeting, September 3, 2005, Hotel Zlata Stika

Present: Prof. L. Vargas, Prof. P.J.M. Nas, Prof. Tomoko Hamada, Prof. K. Omoto, Dr. Soheila Shahshahani, Prof. A. Spiegel, Prof. F. Harrison, Dr. P. Skalnik

  1. Opening by the President, Prof. Luis Vargas
  2. Report by Dr. Petr Skalnik on the Inter-Congress 'The many faces of racism'. All participants have had ample opportunity to speak and time for questions was sufficient. The topic was timely and important for the future. The atmosphere was friendly. Skalnik will have the papers read by an independent referee and take care of publication, if possible with an external publisher. The papers have to be sent in before 31 December 2005. All members of the Executive Committee congratulated Dr. Skalnik on the success of the Inter-Congress which was perfectly organized and a wonderful experience.
  3. As a committee for the election of IUAES officials Prof. K. Omoto and Dr. Soheila Shahshahani were chosen. Details of procedure were discussed elaborately.
  4. The IUAES has acquired Special Consultative Status with the Economy and Social Council of the UN in July 2005.
  5. The ISSC grant process was discussed and Prof. Spiegel will take steps to solicit a grant for the Cape Town Inter-Congress of 2006.
  6. The IUAES website was discussed fully.
  7. Prof. L. Vargas and Dr. Petr Skalnik will form a Committee to review the IUAES honorary membership. If there are vacant places the Committee will suggest new honorary members by the Kunming Congress.
  8. Dr. Soheila Shahshahani suggested a Statement on Religion. The Congress on Pilgrimage Cities of the Commission on Urban Anthropology was requested to draft a proposal to be discussed during the Kunming Congress 2008.
  9. The WCAA (World Council of Anthropological Associations) was discussed. It is a Latin American initiative overlapping with the IUAES. The IUAES Executive Committee expressed its concerns with this new development, which is completely superfluous except for the interactive website for anthropological information exchange. The WCAA should be part of the IUAES.
  10. The meeting was closed with thanks to the members for their kind efforts.