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Minutes and Reports

Beijing, China 2000

  1. Minutes of the Meeting of the IUAES Executive Committee, 23 July 2000, Beijing
    by Peter J.M. Nas

1. Minutes of the Meeting of the IUAES Executive Committee, 23 July 2000, Beijing

by Peter J.M. Nas

Participants: Prof. Eric Sunderland (President), Dr. Peter J.M. Nas (Secretary General), Prof. Tomoko Hamada (Treasurer), Dr. Deepak Kumar Behera, Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli, Dr. Anita Sujoldzic, Prof. Keiichi Omoto, Prof. Margaret Trawick, Prof. Luis Alberto Vargas.

  1. The President, Prof. Sunderland, welcomed all the members of the Executive Committee present. The minutes of the past meeting published in the Newsletter were accepted.
  2. The 2000 Beijing Inter-Congress is proceeding very well. The organization is in place and about 450 participants from all over the world are expected. Preparations have included a visit of a team of the organizers to England where Prof. Sunderland has discussed the organizational format with them.
  3. The 2001 Göttingen Inter-Congress in July, 2001 is on schedule. The Secretary General, Dr. Peter J.M. Nas, has received an e-mail from Prof. Bernd Herrmann that the funding application is being sent to the German Science Foundation. Only one symposium chair and one closing speech are missing. The internet page is almost ready.
  4. The 2002 Tokyo Inter-Congress is reported by the president of the organizing committee, Prof. Omoto. It will be held September 22-27, 2002 in Tokyo, and the theme is Anthropological Perspectives on the Human Body. The Science Council of Japan sponsors the congress. Other sponsors are being approached. The whole event will take place in one building in the center of Tokyo. A leaflet is distributed.
  5. The 2003 Florence Congress will take place July 5-12, 2003. There will be several pre-congresses in different places in Italy, and the congress with many different groups will be organized at one place. A website with information about the congress is available.
  6. The Treasurer, Prof. Tomoko Hamada, presents an overview of IUAES finances. The balance is positive, but the assets are considered minimal. Dr. Deepak Kuma Behera will put some proposals to raise IUAES income in a paper for discussion at the next Executive Committee meeting in Göttingen, 2001. Financial dues of national academies will also be discussed.
  7. The Secretary General presents an overview of activities related to the IUAES handbook (financed by the Wenner Gren Foundation), the newsletters and the website.
  8. The Executive Committee discusses the goals and support of three proposed commissions, on respectively the Anthropology of Mathematics, Global Bioethics, and Children and Childhood. All three proposed commissions are accepted in principle by the Committee and will be submitted for ratification by the Permanent Council in Göttingen, 2001. The proposed commissions can pursue their activities under 'proposed' status.

    It is decided that all commissions will be reviewed during the Göttingen Inter-Congress. The Secretary General will inform all of the commissions, request information on past activities and invite them to present their results in Göttingen.
  9. Several projects supported by ISSC, ICSU, and Wenner Gren is presented and discussed.
  10. Prof. Paul Nkwi will be the official representative of the IUAES at the ISSC General Assembly in Paris, November 29, 2001. Lourdes Arispe will be the official IUAES candidate for ISSC Vice President.
  11. Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli will be the official representative of the IUAES for the General Meeting of ICSU, February 19, 2002. He will also represent the IUAES at the Conference on Electronic Scientific Publishing.
  12. Prof. Faye Harrison is appointed official representative of the IUAES for the World Conference on Racism, to be held in South Africa, 2001.
  13. Prof. Margaret Trawick and Dr. Stephanie Wiesbauer (Commission on Urgent Anthropology) are proposed as experts for the determination of masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, UNESCO.
  14. Prof. Marazzi will be asked to contact CIPSH and formulate a project proposal on visual anthropology.
  15. Under the heading of Other Matters, the IUAES Statement on Race (see IUAES website) is discussed as well as the International Center for Advanced Anthropology in Dubrovnik.
  16. The meeting is closed at 16.30 hours.