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Minutes and Reports

Executive Committee meeting

Minutes of the IUAES Executive Committee meeting via Skype, February 18, 2013 (12:00-13:30 UTC/GMT)

Present (in alphabetical order):
John Gledhill, Faye Harrison, Eisaku Kanazawa, Junji Koizumi (Secretary-General; moderator of the meeting), Gustavo Lins Ribeiro, Rajko Muršič, Peter J. M. Nas (President), Thomas Anton Reuter, Petr Skalník and Andrew ‘Mugsy’ Spiegel (Treasurer).
Luis Alberto Vargas was calling during the meeting but could not join due to a communication problem. The connection with Peter Nas and Junji Koizumi was cut off before the end of the meeting.


  1. Opening
    Junji Koizumi, Secretary-General and moderator, called all the participants by Skype to open this meeting of the Executive Committee. He expressed his regret for not having those members who could not participate due to technical difficulties (Paul Nkwi and Soheila Shahshahani). Koizumi was the appointed minute taker. The time limit for the meeting was set at the beginning and instructions were given for an efficient Skype conference.
  2. Planning for the World Congress at Manchester After examining various factors, problems and possibilities, the schedule of some of the most important meetings at the Manchester World Congress were set as follows (we can anticipate the general Congress schedule having been finalized by the end of March):
    1. First meeting of the Executive Committee will be held at 6:00 pm on Sunday August 4th, 2013 over dinner, possibly in the Hall of Residence. It is possible that this meeting will be continued sometime next day.
    2. The planned meeting of the members of the Executive Committee of the IUAES and the Organizing Committee of the WCAA will be held in the morning of Monday August 5th. Mugsy Spiegel and Junji Koizumi are in charge of arranging this executive meeting of the IUAES and the WCAA. (1)
    3. Presentations by the bidders of World Congress 2018 and Inter-Congresses will be held both for the Executive Committee and for the General Assembly. (2)
    4. The meetings of Commissions were also discussed. All the Commissions should be encouraged to complete the election of chair and deputy chair of each Commission before the World Congress, and the Head and Deputy Head of the Commissions will be elected at the meeting of the Council of Commissions. There will also be a General Open Commissions Forum at which those involved in Commissions and those interested in initiating new Commissions or joining in current Commissions can discuss the workings of Commissions. (3)
    5. The date and time for other business meetings must be determined in relation to academic panels which are being scheduled by the congress organizer, John Gledhill.
  3. Election of new members of the Executive Committee
    1. Nomination Committee
      At the Inter-Congress 2010 in Antalya, the Nominating Committee was installed with Petr Skalnik and Mugsy Spiegel as committee members. The revised Statutes require the nomination committee to be composed of at least three members, and it was agreed that Thomas Reuter becomes the third member of this committee.
    2. Procedures
      Procedures, including schedule and required action, were discussed. Thomas Reuter was asked to make a memo detailing what is necessary for electing new members of the IUAES Executive Committee.(4) Details of procedures, including the administration of voting process, need to be discussed, because this election will involve a large number of electronic votes.
      Candidacy is open to all IUAES members, and a call for nominations for election to the Executive Committee needs to be sent out. The nominations committee will develop a procedure based on the new statutes and will circulate that to the Executive Committee and then publish the call as widely as possible. Mugsy Spiegel agreed to convene that committee. Other members of the Executive Committee were encouraged to recommend names of persons who have been active in the IUAES and others who might become members to make themselves available as IUAES Executive Committee candidates. It was suggested that a list of potential candidates for election to the Executive Committee should be discussed at a later Skype meeting of the Executive Committee. Ideally the candidates need to be organizational and intellectual leaders in the discipline who are well networked internationally to improve the visibility of the IUAES.
  4. World Congress 2018 and Inter-Congresses
    1. World Congress 2018
      The bidders for World Congress 2018 will be asked to submit a formal letter describing all necessary information, particularly the academic themes of the proposed World Congress. The deadline for the submission of this letter will be the end of June 2013. Based on this letter, the bidders should prepare for presentations at the meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly. Each presentation will be followed by sessions for questions and answers.
    2. Inter-Congress 2014
      A proposal to host an Inter-Congress in May 2014 was formally circulated by JASCA, the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology, on December 27, 2012, and the following motion was put forward by Mugsy Spiegel.
        Formal proposal:
        That this meeting of the EC of the IUAES,
        Recognising that
      1. JASCA is collaborating with its sister Nippon Society (also an IUAES member) in organising a major anniversary conference;
      2. JASCA is able to assure the Executive Committee that provision has been made to sponsor attendance of a number of delegates from developing countries;
      3. Since the planned conference marks a major anniversary for JASCA it has already attracted participants from around the world;
      4. There is no statutory provision requiring that Inter-Congress proposals must necessarily be approved by a meeting of the General Assembly; and
      5. a delay in making a decision about JASCA's proposal to link its May 2014 anniversary conference with an IUAES Inter-Congress will disrupt its planning process
      1. Welcomes the proposal from JASCA to host an IUAES Inter-Congress in May 2014 in conjunction with JASCA's anniversary conference;
      2. Agrees to permit JASCA to badge that conference as an IUAES Inter-Congress; and
      3. Agrees to report this decision to the GA in Manchester and to seek its ratification there

      The vote was taken and the motion was unanimously approved.
    3. Inter-Congresses after 2013
      Call for bids for further Inter-Congresses after 2013 will be announced on the IUAES website and information should be circulated by email to all IUAES Commissions and members and by other means. Flexibility about more than one Inter-Congress each year should be allowed as far as quality is maintained and coordination is made as to geographical distribution and topical coverage. Inter-Congresses are important for the activation of the IUAES.
  5. Open access publishing
    To extend membership of the IUAES, it might be useful to look at open access publishing. This might be time consuming and there may be resistance by the commercial publishers, but free books online containing good materials can be a benefit for becoming a member of the IUAES. John Gledhill will prepare a proposal about how to set up an appropriate open access online publishing structure, and a special panel may be organized at the World Congress to discuss the issue.
  6. Next meeting of the Executive Committee on Skype
    The schedule for further Skype meetings of the Executive Committee prior to the Manchester World Congress was discussed, and it was agreed that they would be arranged by Junji Koizumi.
  7. Closing

  1. This IUAES/WCAA meeting is now set at 10:00 am in the morning of Monday August 5th.
  2. These presentations are now scheduled in the evening of Tuesday August 6.
  3. Various meetings for Commissions are being scheduled by the organizer of Manchester World Congress. The General Open Commissions Forum is will be held in the evening of Wednesday August 7. The meeting of the Council Commissions will held probably in the evening of Thursday August 8.
  4. Immediately after the meeting of the Executive Committee of which these are the minutes, Thomas Reuter circulated an email memo dated February 19 and titled "Procedures for the Commissions and for the EC elections."