All attending the congress must register; having registered all must pay the necessary fees, except where funding has been allocated against this.

Please read the following information before proceeding to register by clicking the link to the online registration form at the bottom of this page:

All those convening and presenting must also become IUAES members. Membership fees range between £7 and £23 according to income. Even those not convening or presenting may prefer to join the IUAES to avail themselves of the discounted registration rates. IUAES membership service is available to new applicants and existing members who have not yet renewed their subscriptions.

Please note that JOINING and REGISTERING are two distinct, separate processes, and convenors/presenters must do both. We cannot process your registration if you haven't joined, and simply joining says nothing about your intention to attend the conference.

The congress registration fees are scaled according to annual gross income in pounds sterling, in a similar fashion to IUAES membership. The Early Bird rate has now expired and the current rates are:

Non-member rate (any income): £260
IUAES member, low income (£0-£20,000): £130
IUAES member, medium income, (£20,000-£30,000 annual): £180
IUAES member, high income (greater than £30,000 annual): £210
JASCA delegate (already paid/registered): student £100
JASCA delegate, low income (£0-£20,000 annual) (already paid/registered): £100
JASCA delegate (already paid/registered): medium income (£20,000-30,000 annual) £150
JASCA delegate (already paid/registered), non-student £180
JASCA delegate (already paid/registered), high income (greater than £30,000 annual) £180

We do not offer day-registration rates, or the possibility to present 'in absentia'.

Registration includes access to all sessions, the printed conference programme, tea/coffee breaks (8), and an opening reception. It does not include accommodation which can be booked separately from the accommodation page.

Having registered, delegates will be sent emailed invoices. No-one should try to pay until they have received this invoice. The conference fees can be settled by online credit card payment, bank transfer and in exceptional cases, by cash at the event.