Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I propose a paper?
A: The call for papers is open from 28/11/2013 to 09/01/2014.  Papers must be proposed to specific panels via the website. Some panels are closed.

Q: What happens if my work doesn't really fit into the accepted panels?
A: If you are unable to find a panel that would offer a good fit for your paper, please submit your abstracts to Panel Z1. After the Call for Papers has ended, the organisers will consider all proposals in the panel and seek to either reallocate to existing panels, if a fit becomes apparent; or create new panels out of the remaining papers.

Q: Do I need to be a member of IUAES to submit a proposal?
A: Non-members are also eligible to submit a proposal. If your paper is accepted you should then join the IUAES for 2014.

Q: What is the role of the convenor? Does the convenor play the role of chair?
A: Convenors are those who propose and organise the panel. They may ask others to chair on their behalf, as a way of including a relevant colleague, and/or ask others to act as discussant. A panel must have convenors, but doesn't necessarily require chairs or discussants, as the convenors may take both these roles.

Q: When should we register and what is the deadline for registration?
A: Registration will open on 24 February 2014. Prices will rise on 31st March.

Q: How much will the registration fee be?
A: The registration fee will be announced after the number of participants can be estimated. We are doing our utmost to keep the fees affordable, and the registration fee will differ according to membership status, income and the time of registration. The early bird registration fee will be set at a considerably lower rate. Moreover, those participating in the conference may prefer to register as an IUAES member in order to avail themselves of the discounted registration rates.

Q: Will there be a refund in the case of cancellation?
A: There will be no refund in the case of (last minute) cancellation.

Q: When will the programme and abstracts be published?
A: The programme and abstracts will be published online from late February, and more details will be added as the conference approaches.
Participants are required to complete the registration process including the payment of registration fees by 30 March in order for their name and abstract to be included in the printed conference programme.

Q: Will there be fee concessions for students?
A: The registration fee will differ according to level of income. Please register and pay according to your income status.

Q: Will there be fee concessions for delegates from ‘third world’ countries?
A: The registration fee will differ according to level of income. Please register and pay according to your income status.

Q: Does the IUAES offer travel grants? If so, how much is offered and how can I apply?
A: The conference committee cannot offer travel grants. Partial financial support for living expenses may be offered to panel organizers under special circumstances upon screening (see below).

Q: My university is able to fund my travel expenses, but not my accommodation and living expenses. Does the IUAES offer financial support to cover accommodation and living costs?
A: The conference committee will consider providing financial support to panel organizers to assist coverage of local living expenses. Decisions regarding the provision of partial financial support will be based on careful screening and consideration of circumstances. Decisions over the funding applications will be emailed to applicants by Monday 24th of March.

Q: Are there any cheap hotels or student accommodation where I can stay?
A: There are no student accommodations available, but there are a number of reasonable hotels within proximity of the conference venue, starting from around 4000-5000 yen. See the accommodation page.

Q: Can the conference organisers help me to book a hotel, arrange my flights, and apply for a visa?
A: Please refer to the accommodation page where we provide information to help you arrange your bookings. For questions regarding visa application, please contact the conference secretary: conference_secretary(at)

Q: Are there any excursions planned?
A: Excursions are being planned. Details will be announced shortly.

Q: Do I need to submit my full paper?
A: This is up to the panel convenors.  We would encourage paper presenters to prepare and circulate their papers among the panel participants at least two weeks before the conference.

Q: Can I submit more than one panel proposal?
A: Individuals may only submit one panel proposal.

Q: Can I participate in more than one panel?
A: Individuals may present a paper on one panel only, but can also participate one more time on another panel as convenor/chair/discussant.
Those participating as convenor/chair/discussant on one panel session cannot take part as convenor/chair/discussant on a second panel.

Q: I am only serving as the chair/discussant in a panel: does this mean I can still present a paper on another panel?
A: Yes

Q: Can I serve as convenor/chair/discussant and paper presenter in the same panel?
A: Yes

Q: I am a convenors of a panel. Can I present a paper on another panel?
A: Yes. However, if you are presenting a paper in your own panel, this will be counted in the 'one paper only' rule.

Q: May I make changes to my panel once it is accepted by the committee?
A: You should not make major changes to the title and abstract of your panel once it's accepted.  You may however make minor changes via the login link above.