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Forthcoming events
*The IUAES Congress 2020, "Coming of Age on Earth: Legacies and Next Generation Anthropology," will be held in Šibenik, Croatia, on 7-11 October 2020.

The IUAES Congress 2022, "World on the move: migration and communication," will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 25-31 May 2022.

*The 19th World Congress of the IUAES,
"Anthropology in Public Sphere: Global Peace and Development"
will be held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, on 15-19 January 2023.

Amendments to the WAU Operational Guidelines and Rules will be proposed at the IUAES Congress 2019 at Poznan, Poland.

The WAU, World Anthropological Union, announced the Call for Support for the Museu Nacional of Rio de Janeiro which was destroyed by fire in September 2018.

The IUAES Inter-Congress 2020 will be held in Šibenik, Croatia, on 7-11 October 2020. It will be hosted by the Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb.

The new logo of the World Anthropological Union (WAU), of which the IUAES is a constituent chamber, has been introduced. ==> WAU logo

The website of the Inter-Congress in Poznan, Poland (27-31 August 2019) has been launched.

The 18th World Congress in Florianópolis, Brazil (16-20 July 2018) was completed with a great success. Of 3,100 who registered for the congress, over 2,000 participated from 55 countries. Dozens of symposia/workshops/plenaries were held in addition to 200 panels along with 4 keynote lectures, numerous audio visual and photo exhibitions and frequent field trips.

All members of the IUAES Executive Committee for 2018-23, led by President Junji Koizumi, assumed their office at the end of the 18th World Congress in Florianopolis. The Steering Committee of the World Anthropological Union (WAU SC) has also been inaugurated.

Four Honorary Members, one of them posthumous, were elected at the General Assembly Meeting in Florianópolis. Nine members were awarded the Distinguished Service Award. ==> IUAES Honorary Members

By the vote taken at the General Assembly Meeting on 20th July 2018 in Florianópolis, Bhubaneswar (India) was chosen as the venue of the 19th World Congress to be held on 15-19 January 2023.

At the Council of Commissions (CoC) Meeting held on 18th July 2018, Heather O'Leary was elected as the Head of the CoC and Zhang Jijiao as the Deputy Head of the CoC.

The IUAES Election which began on 15 May 2018 ended on 14 June 2018. 629 out of 2068 eligible IUAES members voted, which is a 30% turnout. The election results are available here (PDF).

The Call for nominations of candidates for Honorary Members is now open. The details of the call is here. Read the document carefully and submit nominations by 6th July 2018.

The IUAES Nominations Committee has written a letter (PDF) to all members detailing the candidates and process for the upcoming election of Executive Committee for 2018-2022. A full set of candidate statements and CVs can be downloaded here (PDF). The election will run from 15 May to 14 June 2018.

The Review Committee for the Operational Guidelines and Rules and the WAU Constitution completed its duty on 24th November 2017. The WAU Constitution and the Operational Guidelines and Rules are now fully in effect and will supersede the present IUAES Statutes and WCAA Constitution.

The IUAES Inter-Congress 2019 will be held in Poznań, Poland, hosted by the Polish Ethnological Society and the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Adam Mickiewicz University. The proposed date of the Inter-Congress is 27-31 August 2019.

New IUAES Commission on Anthropology of Sports has been established with the approval of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

ICSU (International Council for Science) and ISSC (International Social Science Council), both of which the IUAES is a member, decided to merge and form a single global council in 2018. The agreement took place in a historic vote at the Joint General Assembly of the two organizations held in Taipei on 26 October 2017. The global scientific community, including all social and natural sciences, is now united in a single entity called the International Science Council which includes 40 international scientific unions and associations and more than 140 national academies, research councils and regional organizations.

The call for the 19th World Congress of the IUAES in 2022/2023 is now open. The deadline for the submission of proposal will be 30 April 2018. The call for IUAES Inter-Congress is also open and there is no deadline for the submission of proposal. Those who are interested in holding IUAES congresses should write to IUAES Secretary-General.

The procedure for the consultation and eventual ratification of the Operational Guidelines and Rules and of the Constitution of WAU was approved by the vote of the IUAES General Assembly.

Upcoming vote on WAU: please read the draft constitution and the draft operational guidelines for WAU

Special Lecture on the merger of ICSU and ISSC will be given by ICSU President Professor Gordon McBean on Wednesday 3rd May at CASCA/IUAES 2017.

The IUAES calls for proposals for Inter-Congresses in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

The date of the 18th World Congress of the IUAES in Florianópolis, Brazil, was moved to 16-20 July 2018 due to a change of the academic calendar at the host university.

An interim Steering Committee (SC) of WAU, the World Anthropological Union, has been formed and started its activities. The member list of the SC is here.

The establishment of the new Commission on the Anthropology of Risk and Disaster, chaired by Susanna_M. Hoffman, has been approved.

The Commission on Nomadic Peoples has brought its website up-to-date and incorporated that within the IUAES site itself.

The vote on the IUAES/WCAA collaboration was successfully completed. The proposal for a formalised collaboration between the IUAES and the WCAA was approved, and the proposal for the MoU, "A Bicameral Organisation with IUAES and WCAA Chambers," was adopted.

The Third issue of IUAES News (September 2016) has been published.

"IUAES Publication Subsidy Grant" has been launched. The Call for Applications is now open. (»Call for applications: pdf »Application form: word). The deadline for submission of application is November 15, 2016.

Further call for applications for IUAES Commission Seed Funding Grants was announced. The call for applications is here (»Application form:word, »Call for applications:pdf). The deadline for submission of application is September 30, 2016.

An electronic vote by all IUAES members will be undertaken on how to formalize collaboration between IUAES and WCAA. The ballot will be open for three months starting on June 15  and ending on September 15.

IUAES Commissions Report 2014 is now available.

The Commission on Anthropology and the Environment was awarded an IUAES Seed Funding Grant for its project titled "Resilient Futures: Critical Anthropological Pathways to Environmental Security."

The 2016 Inter-Congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia, was completed with a great success. Over 800 colleagues participated from 64 countries all over the world. 695 papers were presented in 146 panels along with 39 posters and 11 movies. Three plenary lectures and two invited lectures were also given.

The second issue of IUAES NEWS (March 2016) is now available.

The IUAES is calling for nominations (and self-nominations) of persons to serve on the Selection Committee for the IUAES Commission Seed Funding Grant. The deadline for nomination is March 25, 2016. »Call for nominations.pdf

IUAES Commission Seed Funding Grants has been initiated to support activities of IUAES Commissions and Commission members. The call for applications is here (»Application form:word, »Call for applications:pdf). The deadline for submission of application is March 31, 2016.

The Executive Committee decided to hold Inter-Congress 2017 in Ottawa, Canada. The Inter-Congress will be held jointly with CASCA, the Canadian Anthropology Society/Société Canadienne d'Anthropolgie.

A new series of newsletter, IUAES NEWS, was inaugurated. It will be published twice a year.

The minutes of the meeting of the General Assembly in Bangkok on July 16, 2015, was published.

Sir John (Jack) Rankine Goody, IUAES Honorary Member, passed away on July 16, 2015, at the age of 95.

IUAES Inter-Congress 2015 in Bangkok was successfully held on July 15-17, 2015. 73 panels were organized along with three keynote lectures, and 505 scholars and students participated from 27 countries and regions.

Following the resignation of the previous Head of the Council of Commissions, Heather O'Leary was elected to be the new Head by the vote of the members of the Council and joined the IUAES Executive Committee.

The IUAES revised the call for Inter-Congresses. » Word

The IUAES sent a letter to AQA Exam Board of the UK criticizing their decision to withdraw anthropology as a subject at A-level in English and Welsh schools. » letter (PDF)

We started a new page titled OPINIONS, where IUAES members can place their views or relevant news.

The IUAES Executive Committee issued a statement on human right violations in Mexico. It was published as an open letter in La Jornada on November 25, 2014.

The AAA Committee on World Anthropologies (CWA) is launching an initiative to bring together course syllabi on topics relevant to the development of world anthropologies.

Déjà Lu ("Already read") is a journal of the WCAA (World Council of Anthropological Associations) that aims at pluralizing the dissemination of anthropological knowledge on a global level. Déjà Lu is now linked to the IUAES website at the World Anthropologies page.

The videos from IUAES 2014 with JASCA in Chiba in May are ready. You will find the videos of three keynote lectures, a WCAA symposium and ceremonies at http://www.cva-iuaes.com/japan2014/.

The website for Inter-Congress 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, has been launched. The call for panels will be open until September 30, 2014.

The IUAES and WCAA are working towards a strategic alliance. Read more about this process (PDF).

IUAES 2014 with JASCA in Chiba, Japan, was completed with a major success. 937 registered delegates gathered and discussed the general theme of "The Future with/of Anthropologies". There were more than 1,400 participants from 59 countries.

The Inter-Congress 2015 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 15-17, 2015. The Inter-Congress 2016 will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on May 4-9, 2016. The next (eighteenth) World Congress will take place in Brazil in 2018.

We created a new webpage for World Anthropologies for promoting cooperation and information sharing among world anthropologists.

IUAES welcomes submission of proposals for the establishment of new Scientific Commissions.

The report of the 17th World Congress in Manchester in August 2013 is now available. Please click here. You can have access to videos of plenary addresses, debates and roundtable at the Congress by clicking here.

At the seventeenth World Congress in Manchester, Brazil was selected from among the four bidders as host of the eighteenth World Congress in 2018.

The revision of the IUAES Statutes was approved by the votes of National Delegations.

» » see more


The website of the Commission on Nomadic Peoples were transferred to the IUAES website.

Commission on Anthropology of the Middle East held its 2017 meeting in Kraków on 10-12 August 2017Programme). The Commission held its 2016 meeting also in Kraków on 7-9 August2016.

Call for papers for the 44th international conference of the International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF) is open. The conference will be held at Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain on 25-27 May 2017.The 43rd international conference of the Commission on "Food and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century: Anthropological and Multidisciplinary Perspectives" was held in conjunction with the Institute of Risk and Uncertainty, Liverpool University, on 28 June- 2 July 2016. 

Commission on Urban Anthropology (CUA) will hold a joint conference “The Informal and the Formal in Times of Crisis: Ethnographic Insights” in Corinth, Greece, on 7-9 July 2017. The Commission held its annual conference on "Purposeful Agency and Governance: A Bridgeable Gap" at University of Kent, Canterbury, U.K. on 15-17 June 2016.

A Festschrift was dedicated to Petr Skalnik, chair of the Commission on Theoretical Anthropology (COTA). A full text is available here.

Commission on Legal Pluralism organized its biennial International conference on December 14-16, 2015, in Mumbai, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. The conference was preceded by a course on legal pluralism on December 9-12, 2015. The title of the conference was "Normative Interfaces of Globalization and High-Tech Capitalism: Legal Pluralism and the Neo-Liberal Turn."

Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF) held the ICAF Conference at Wissenschaftskolleg, Delmenhorst (near Bremen, Germany) on October 6-9, 2015). The theme of the conference is "Pure Food: Biological Constants and Cultural Manifestations of a Human."

On September 1, 2015, Heather O'Leary, new Head of the Council of Commissions, sent a "Vital Commission News" to all chairs and deputy chairs of IUAES Commissions. It contains very important information about seed funding for Commissions, a special status given to Commission panels at congresses, collection of fees for Commissions and so forth. If you are a member of a Commission, please inquire about the News with the chairs of your Commission.

Annual Conference of the Commission on Urban Anthropology (CUA) was held at Brooklyn College, CUNY, New York, on 18-20, June, 2015 (http://urban.anthroweb.net/xwiki/wiki/urbananth/view/Main/Forthcoming). The theme of the conference was “The Global financial Crisis and the Moral Economy: Local Impacts and Opportunities”.

Commission on Global Transformations and Marxian Anthropology (CGTMA) co–sponsored the Seminar on Marxist Anthropology held at the Juan Marinello Center for Cultural Research, Havana, Cuba on January 9-12, 2015.

Commission on Theoretical Anthropology (COTA) organized «World Congress on State Origins and Related Subjects» on September 7-13, 2014, at WANE Conference Centre at Wigry, Poland.

---Journals by IUAES Commissions---

Anthropology of the Middle East:
·Anthropology of the Middle East, Volume 9, Issue 2 (Winter 2014) from Berghahn: http://berghahn.publisher.ingentaconnect.com/content/berghahn/antmid

Legal Pluralism:
·The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law, Volume 47, Issue 1 (2015) from Routledge: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rjlp20/current#.VZVWt40ViWg

Nomadic Peoples:
·Nomadic Peoples, Volume 19, Number 1 (2015) from White Horse Press: http://cnp.nonuniv.ox.ac.uk/NP_journal/currentissue.shtml
Urban Anthropology:
Urbanities, Volume 5, Number 1 (May 2015): http://www.anthrojournal-urbanities.com/

Visual Anthropology:
·Visual Anthropology, Volume 28, Issue 3 (2015) was published from Routledge in cooperation with the Commission on Visual Anthropology: http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/gvan20?open=27&repitition=0#.VYzsSY0Vj7M.

---Publications by IUAES Commissions---

Commission on Migration:
·Special Number on "Migration, Migrants, and Xenophobia," The Oriental Anthropologists, Vol.15, No.2, July-December, 2015. (Based on the papers presented at the Inter-Congress 2015 in Bangkok.) Cover / Editorial

Anthropology and Environment (CAE):
·Averting a Global Environmental Collapse: The Role of Anthropology and Local Knowledge (Reuter, Thomas, ed., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015) ⇐This book is available at 20% discount for IUAES members in good standing.

Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF):
·Respuestas Alimentarias a la Crisis Económica, (Turmo, I. Gonzalez, ed., Colecció eBOOKS ICAF, created in Andalucia, Spain, 2014)
·Food in Zones of Conflict: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives (Collinson, P. S. and H. Macbeth, eds, Berghahn, 2014)

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