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Professor Rajko Muršič

University of Ljubljana
Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

Rajko Muršič
Rajko Muršič

Work /title: full professor at the University of Ljubljana.

Education: PhD in Ethnology (1998), MA in Cultural Anthropology (1995), BA (double degree) in Ethnology and Philosophy (1991), all University of Ljubljana.

Professional Service:

President of the Research Board of the Science Research Institute at the Faculty of Arts (2008‐2009; vice‐president 2007‐2008); Vice‐president of the Research and Development Board at the University of Ljubljana (2007‐2009); Head of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, FA UL (2005‐2009; deputy‐head 2003‐2005); Member of the Doctoral Studies Board, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (2011‐); Member of the Board for postgraduate studies, FA UL (2003‐2007); Member of the Senat at the Faculty of Arts (2001‐2007; 2012‐); Chair for Methodology at the department (2003‐); Coordinator of international cooperation at the department (Erasmus, etc.) (2000‐2005). Member of the Slovene National Scientific Council for the Humanities at the Slovenian Research Agency (2006‐2010).

President of the Slovene Ethnological and Anthropological Association Kula (2012‐); Member of the EC IUAES (2009‐2013); Representative of the Slovene branch of the IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music) (1999‐); Member of the Advisory board for the SIGIC/SIMIC (Slovene Information Music Centre) (2004)‐; Vice‐president of the Folk Slovenia society (1998‐2000).

President of the Local Organising Committee of the European Association of Social Anthropologists conference Easa 2008 (2007‐2008) and member of its Scientific Council; Member of the organizing committees of MESS (Mediterranean Ethnological Summer Symposium) (1997‐2010), Border Crossings Network (2005‐) and Konitsa Summer School in Anthropology, Ethnography and Comparative Folklore of the Balkans (2006‐).

Founding member of the editorial board of the journal Ars et humanitas (2006); Founding member and co‐editor of the web scholarly journal Gazeto internacia da antropologio (GIA) (2005‐2010); Member of the editorial board of Balkan Border Crossings book series (Lit Verlag; 2008); Member of the international board of the scholarly journal Beiträge zur Popularmusikforschung (2003); Member of the editorial board of the scholarly journals Etnolog (2003), Studia Ethnologica Pragensia (2009) and Popular Music (2011); Editor of the book series Zupaničeva knjižnica (1998‐2002); Editor of the periodical Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva (Bulletin of the Slovene Ethnological Society) (1994‐1998); Editor of the book series for the Slovene Ethnological Society (Knjižnica Glasnika SED) (1994‐1997).

Recent research projects: Engaged Past: Social‐Anthropological Analysis of Transformations of Popular Music in the Area of former Yugoslavia (ARRS – Slovenian Research Agency Basic research project, 2013‐2016); Comparative Analysis of Slovenian Anthropology in European Research Sphere: Past, Present and Future (ARRS Basic research project; 2009‐2012); EU‐wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest (6th EU Framework, STREP, 2004‐2009); Whole Web‐based Health Organisations Learning Environment (2007‐2009) and VAB – Valuing Experience beyond the University (2009‐2011), both LLP projects; Analysis of the development and potentials in nongovernmental youth sector in Slovenia (2011).

Selected recent publications:

MURŠIČ, Rajko, 2013, The deceptive tentacles the authenticating mind: on authenticity and some other notions that are good for absolutely nothing. In Debating authenticity: concepts of modernity in anthropological perspective. Fillitz, Thomas, and Jamie A. Saris, eds. 46‐60. New York; Oxford: Berghahn Books.

MURŠIČ, Rajko, 2012, Ethnologie de la modernité: le rock slovène pendant et après le socialisme. Ethnologie française 42(2): 251‐260.

MURŠIČ, Rajko, 2012, Yugoslav and Post‐Yugoslav encounters with popular music and human rights. In Music and protest (The library of essays on music, politics and society). Ian Peddie, ed. 209‐226. Farnham: Ashgate.

MURŠIČ, Rajko, 2012, Na trdna tla. Brezsramni pregled samoniklih prizorišč in premislek nevladja mladinskega polja. [On the solid ground: analysis of grassroots venues and youth non‐governmental field in Slovenia.] Tolmin: Ustanova nevladnih mladinskega polja Pohorski bataljon.

MURŠIČ, Rajko, 2011, Metodologija preučevanja načinov življenja: temelji raziskovalnega dela v etnologiji ter socialni in kulturni antropologiji. [Methodology in Studies of Ways of Life: Basic Principles of Research in Ethnology and Social/Cultural Anthropology.] Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba, Filozofska fakulteta.

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