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Miriam Pillar Grossi

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Miriam Pillar Grossi

Miriam Pillar Grossi holds a PhD in Anthropologie Sociale et Culturelle - Université de Paris V (1988), post-doctorate from Laboratoire d´Anthropologie Sociale of Collège de France (1996/1998), at University of California-Berkeley and EHESS (2009/2010). She has been an Associate Professor of the Department of Anthropology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina since 1989, working in the post graduate programmes in Social Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Human Sciences and in Anthropology and Social Science degree courses at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. She was the representative for Anthropology and the greater area of Humanities at the CTC of CAPES (2001/2004 triennium), President of the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (2004/2006 term) and editor of the Revista Estudos Feministas – Feminist Studies Journal (1999/2001). Visiting Professor at University of Brasilia (1995), University of Chile (2003), EHESS- France (2008) and ISCTE - Portugal (2009). She develops research in the areas of Anthropological Theory, The History of women in the Field of Anthropology, Contemporary French Anthropology and Qualitative Research Methodologies. She co-ordinates the Institute of Gender Studies (IEG) and the Centre for Gender Identity and Subjectivity (NIGS) where they develop research in the fields of queer and feminist theories, on issues of violence against women and lesbo-trans-homophobia; identities, LGBTTT parenthood and marriage; homoerotic art; love; gender and sexuality at school; religions and sexuality; public policies and feminist and LGBTTT movements.

Selected publications
Articles and book chapters

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GROSSI, M. P.; COSTA, C. L. “You Can Heal your Life: The Invention of New Subjectivities In a Brazilian Landscape. WOMEN'S STUDIES IN COMUNNICATION, Long Beach - EUA, v. 18, n.2, p. 165-176, 1995.

GROSSI, M. P. “Like a nun: Anthropological Study about the feminine vocation” (“Jeito de Freira: Estudo Antropológico sobre a vocação feminina”). Cadernos de Pesquisa, São Paulo, n.73, p. 45-58, 1990.


Books and dossiers organized

GROSSI, M. P. “Dossier Questions LGBT in France and in Brazil” ("Dossier Questions LGBT en France et au Brésil"). Revue Passages de Paris, v. 7, p. 1, 2012.

GROSSI, M. P.; UZIEL, A. P.; MELLO, L. (Orgs.). Conjugalities, Parenthood and Lesbian, Gay and Transvestite Identities (Conjugalidades, Parentalidades e Identidades Lésbicas, Gays e Travestis). Rio de Janeiro: Garamond, 2007. 429p.

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GROSSI, M. P.; PEDRO, J. M. (Orgs.).  Masculine, Feminine, Plural. (Masculino, Feminino, Plural.) Florianópolis: Editora Mulheres, 1998. 318p.


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