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IUAES 2013: Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds. 5-10 August 2013.

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Plenary sessions

Our plenary speakers reflected the global range of anthropology and the contributions of its different subfields of what has been called 'the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities'.

Keynote: The Wenner-Gren Foundation and the Past, Present and Future of Anthropology

Leslie Aiello (Wenner-Gren Foundation)



ASA Firth lecture: Arbitrating collective dreams: anthropology and the new worlding

Lourdes Arizpe (National Autonomous University of Mexico)



RAI Huxley lecture: Extended lives in global spaces: the anthropology of Yolngu pre-burial ceremonies

Howard Morphy (Australian National University)



Plenary debate: Humans have no nature, what they have is history

Tim Ingold (Aberdeen University), Veena Das (Johns Hopkins University), Ruth Mace (University College London) and Juichi Yamagiwa (Kyoto University)
Chair: Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge University)



Hallsworth plenary debate: Justice for people must come before justice for the environment

Amita Baviskar (Delhi University), Don Nonini (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Helen Kopnina (The Hague University of Applied Science) and Veronica Strang (Durham University)
Chair: John Gledhill (Manchester University)
This debate was funded by the University of Manchester's Hallsworth Conference Fund



Plenary debate: The free movement of people around the world would be utopian

Bela Feldman-Bianco (State University of Campinas), Noel Salazar (University of Leuven), Shahram Khosravi (Stockholm University) and Nicholas de Genova (Goldsmiths' College)
Chair: Simone Abram (Durham University)



Plenary roundtable: World anthropologies today: experiences and prospects

Organised by Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Susana Narotzky and sponsored by WCAA Saturday August 10th. Speakers:
Michal Buchowski (University of Poznan), Gordon Mathews (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Susana Narotzky (University of Barcelona), Francine Saillant (Quebec University), Sanjay Seth (Goldsmiths' College) and Gustavo Lins Ribeiro (University of Brasilia). Venue: University Place, Main Theatre.
Chair: Junji Koizumi (Osaka University)


This video archive has been made available with funds from the Wenner-Gren Foundation, and work from the University of Manchester, All Rites Reversed and NomadIT.


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