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Current CNP Chair

Ariell Ahearn (info to follow)

Former CNP Chairs

Portrait of Elliot Fratkin

Elliot Fratkin is the Gwendolen M. Carter Professor of African Studies and Professor of Anthropology at Smith College, Northampton MA USA; he is also a member of the graduate faculty of the University of Massachusetts. Read more >>

2018 Statement [PDF]
2017 Statement [PDF]
2016 Statement [PDF]
2016 Letter from Chair [PDF]

Portrait of Dawn Chatty

Dawn Chatty (1999-2013)

July 2013 Statement
July 2012 Statement 
August 2009 Statement 
March 2008 Statement 
Original Statement

Michael Casimir and Aparna Rao (1994-1998)

Final Report on the Working of the Commission

Philip Carl Salzman

Philip Carl Salzman (1978-1993)

Final Report on the Working of the Commission